Impress of the Red River Delta Countryside in Vietnam

Impress of the Red River Delta Countryside in Vietnam

Impress of the Red River Delta Countryside in Vietnam

Warm greetings from Mai at DMC Vietnam Plus,

The Red River Delta is the thousands years homeland of Vietnamese people, where preserves the long tradition culture, value of life style, architecture, tradition music, festival and handicraft works. Surrounding Hanoi there are hundreds charming villages situated in the rice field and aside of the Red River for visitor to explore. Cycling, visit village market, handicraft workshop; take part in the festival or community activities are making the impress of Vietnam


Country Life Style: Visitor can enjoy the village market where local people sell village products and things for daily life or try to learn rice growing and farming or fishing.

Handicraft or Special of the villages: Learn and study how to make beautiful product such as conical hat, ceramic, lacquer ware or bamboo product. Especially take part in a village festival or traditional show by villager.

Country landscape: Ancient village with the old house, church, temple, and pagoda situated in beautiful landscape of rice field, bamboo, garden and water ponds.


Cycling inside the village and rice field, shopping game in the country market, handicraft practice, traditional show in the village such as Quan Ho songs, violin band, and water puppet can bring joyfulness to the visitor.


Catering service in several ancient temples surround Hanoi as: Co Loa, Giong Temple or village Communal House is special experience for group to get the atmosphere of ancient Red River Delta.

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