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Myanmar / Burma

Burma a fantastic destination for Meetings and Incentives!

Stepping back in time to a mystical golden land

Myanmar remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, it is a land of breathtaking beauty and charm, yet only recently emerging into the modern world. Myanmar is one of South East Asia’s largest and most diverse countries, stretching from the sparkling islands of the Andaman Sea right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range. Myanmar offers all the traditional delights of Asia in one fascinating country. Virgin jungles, snow-capped mountains and pristine beaches, combined with a rich and glorious heritage spanning more than two thousand years. Spectacular monuments and ancient cities, attest to a vibrant culture and past ancient civilization, home to 135 different ethnic groups.

To visit Myanmar (Burma) is to step into another world of spellbinding aromas, sights and sensations, with a truly unique atmosphere. Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, is a melting pot of the traditional and the contemporary, true Burmese culture melding with a colonial legacy still present decades after the departure of the British. The city’s pulse beats to the rhythm of its streets, bustling with what makes the country so special: its people.

Wherever you go you will catch glimpses of times past, real or imagined, but it is the hospitality and friendliness of the people of this “golden land” which is most striking- their tolerance of different religions and cultures, respect for each other and heartfelt smiles. It is this perhaps more than anything else which makes Myanmar the unique and fascinating destination it is.

Let yourself be inspired by stately processions of monks robed in saffron and purple, shaven headed nuns seeking alms, and elegant Burmese ladies adorned with yellow thanaka paste. Young and old linger gossiping in teashops smoking traditional fragrant Burmese cheroots, dressed as they have been for centuries in their traditional sarongs (longyis or htameins). The country’s tourism infrastructure boasts five star properties, intimate boutique hotels and family guest houses in all the major centers, as well as stunning mountain and beach resorts. Myanmar also boasts one of the lowest tourist crime records in the world, so visitors can be assured that their holiday will be carefree and safe from start to finish. The feeling whilst traveling through this amazing nation, is like being on an Indiana Jones set and around each corner there a feeling of adventure, excitement and something interesting.

Local Information

  • MONEY : The Myanmar Kyat (K or MMK) is the official currency of Burma. US dollars can be changed at Yangon airport, banks (which give the best exchange rates) and some hotels (which charge more but can be handy at a pinch). Black market money changers are prolific on the streets of major tourist hubs, but generally give a much worse price for Kyat.
  • VISAS : Visa requirements to visit Myanmar change on a regular basis and it’s best to check with the Burmese embassy in your country before making your travel plans. The safest approach is to assume you will need one. A tourist visa’s validity expires 90 days after issue and only allows a 28-day, single-entry visit.
  • ELECTRICITY : The voltage in Myanmar is 220-230 Volts AC, running at 50 Hz. Most of the major hotels accept the British-style three-pin rectangular blade plugs, although you may also find the old British round three-pin plug or European round two-pin plug.
  • DIALING CODE : +95
  • TIME ZONE : GMT/UTC+06:30.
  • GETTING THERE & AWAY : All international flights arrive at Yangon (Rangoon) airport (RGN), except a lone Thursday flight from Chiang Mai (Thailand) to Mandalay airport (MDL). Both airports can land DC10s and 747s.
  • PUBLIC HOLIDAYS : Buddhist festivals are declared according to local astronomical observations and it is not possible to forecast the date of their occurrence exactly.
  • LANGUAGE : The official language is Myanmar (Burmese) but there are also many other dialects and languages. English is spoken in business circles and it’s possible to get by in English in major tourist areas, although a few words of Burmese are appreciated.
    • Hello : Min ga la ba.
    • Thank you : Kyeizu tin ba de.

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