Central Highland

Central Highland

Central Highland

Imposing Tay Nguyen – “Rong” communal house. Elephant and coffee land!

Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province

Da Lat the city of flowers and flower festival.

Mountain European mansions style city in pine hill area of Langbiang plateau with1500m above sea level. The list of beautiful buildings: Da Lat university, rain way station, 3 mansions of Bao Dai King, churches and plenty of houses.

The land of flowers and farms, lakes and parks, forest and water falls with fresh air. Ideals place for ethnic village and forests trekking.

Ban Me Thuot Town, Daklac, Daknong Provinces

The land of the elephant villages with long traditional house of Ede, M’nong people.

Famous Don village of Ede people with the tradition for elephant hunting and raising. And the village with hanging bridge crossing Seperok river, hundred years old traditional house of Ede and the tom of elephant king.

Others main destinations: Ban Me Thuot the land of cafe and the place of decision victory of Ho Chi Minh campaign liberate the south in 1975. Lak mountain lake and M’nong elephant Jun villages. Group of water falls in Dak Nong.

Gia Lai, Kon Tum Provinces

The “Rong” communal house the village meeting hall, place for buffalo scarify festival is the simple for Central highland people.

The region of Ba Na, Gia Rai, Xe Dang villages with amazing Rong communal house and wooden sculptured tombs in the plateau of cafe, rubble, pepper. The home land of Cong Chieng music a non-objects world heritage.

The cities: Kon Tum, pretty town in the Dakbla river side and unique wooden church in the highland. Pleicu city another Dalat of central highland.

Waterfalls in Central Highland

Pongua waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in central highland.

Dray Sap waterfall, Dray Nu waterfall, Trinh Nu waterfall, Prenn waterfall.

Map of Central Highland