Cultural and Spiritual Life

Cultural and Spiritual Life

Architeture in Vietnam

Traditional architecture.

Colonism architecture.

Traditional Music and Theater

Traditional theaters: Cheo, Tuong, Cai luong.

Traditional folk music and dance: Water puppet, royal music, Central highland “Cong chieng” music, Quan ho, Chau van, Don ca tai tu, folk songs.


Diversity in material and design, those bring Vietnamese souls. The famous product: ceramic, lacquer ware, bamboo product, silk, wood carving products.


Vietnamese spiritual life.

Chinese influence of Three Beliefs: Buddhism, Confucism, Taoism.


Hinduism and Vietnam native beliefs.

Vietnam History and Wars

Vietnam is a long history of thousands years for making and keeping nation.

After the August revolutionary the country passed through 30 years of wars.

Festival and Ceremony

Hundreds Festivals all over the country around the year, there are: traditional local festivals, traditional nationwide festivals and ceremonies, religious festivals and ceremonies, local tourism festival.