Northern Mountainous Land

Northern Mountainous Land

Northeast and Northwest

The most beautiful mountainous and Ethnic people land.

Sa Pa, Lao Cai Province

The Sapa town, in the food of Hoang Lien Son mountain range look up to the highest mountain in Vietnam, Fansipang mountain, which called “the Alp” of Vietnam by French with an altitude of 3.143m. Marvelous rice terraces and ethnics villages along the Muong Hoa river. Ancient carving stone field. The ideal land for trekking in the villages and the forest.

The H’mong, Dao and others ethnics in Sapa with their traditional dress and their villages. Many amazing weekly markets, like the one in Bac Ha meeting of colorful Red H’mong people in Lao Cai province.

Northwest Region

The highest area of Vietnam and the home land of many colorful ethnics: Thai, Tay, Muong, H’mong, Dao, Ha Nhi, Xa Pho, Kho Mu, Lu.

Colorful hill tribes in Son La, Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Lao Cai and their residents.

Along trip in the cloud with spectacular view of valley, rivers, stream, terraces field and villages.

Famous Dien Bien Phu battle filed, a decision victory of the French Vietnam war that remind the time of struggling for independent of Vietnamese in Dien Bien city.

Northeast Region

The land of rocky mountains and wonderful landscape of wooden tiled roof house villages. Lyrical pictures of river, lakes and water fall like famous Babe lake and Ban Gioc water fall.

The home land of Tay, Nung, Dao, H’mong with beautiful wooden tiled roof house on stilts.

Mai Chau Valley, Hoa Binh Province

Mai Chau valley and surrounding, the mountain interesting area in the west, is nearest mountain destination to Ha Noi.

Muong, White Thai, H’mong home land and their beautiful original villages.Mai Chau village located in the valley of rice paddy field with friendly White Thai houses. Continue up from there can visit wealthy farms of green tea, grass fields, cows and natural forest in Moc Chau plateau, Son la province. Hoa Binh water reservoir for boat cruse to visits ethnics surrounds the lake.

Ha Giang Province

The middle land of nature and super nature. The most stunning landscape and the best panoramic mountain view of stone land with exciting road for biking and trekking in the extreme north area of Vietnam.

H’mong and their hard life on stone mountain fields with Khau Vai unique love market. Other ethnic people like Pathen, Lolo, PaDi, Tay, Nung. Sites of interests: Lung Cu flag tower the northernmost site of Vietnam. Dong Van, Quan Ba plateaus. Nho que river, natural forests and Vuong Chi Sinh, H’mong chieftain family palace in Dong Van plateau.

Map of Northern Mountainous Land