People and Daily Life

People and Daily Life

Vietnamese and Ethnics

The majority of Vietnam named Viet or “Kinh” found the National characters. Khome and Cham are the people in the Center and the South.More than 50 ethnic minorities are Mountain Tribes in Northern highland and Central highland.

Traditional Dress

Traditional dresses of the North, the Center and the South.

Ethnic dresses and their brocade are the special art.


Vietnam traditional cooking is the taste of the Country. The rich of local authentic cuisines and Chinese, French cuisine influences make the wonder land for cuisines.

Shopping and Market

Difference kind of markets such as floating market, mountain market, sea market are the tourist destination.

Many favorable things for touris like lacquer ware, silk, embroidery, and others handy craft souvenir.

Local Activities

Local life activities such as wedding, education, cooking, handy craft, farming, home stay and entertainment activities like games, biking, cycling, traditional shows, golfing are the interesting theme for incentive group as well as traveller.