Red River Delta

Red River Delta

Red River Delta

The northern flat land – Original cultural land!

Ha Noi

1000 years old cultural city with plenty of ancient monuments, museums, university and the green of lakes and boulevard. The green city of 36 streets, lakes, parks and ancient cultural monuments in the side of Red river.

Areas of interests: Old quarter the original town, Political areas, French quarter, the citadel, the West Lake area and model city.

Ha Long Bay World Heritage

Natural World Heritage for wonderful landscape recognized in 1994 and second recognition in 2004 for unique geology structure.

Ha Long Bay, the Descending Dragon bay with thousands limestone islands rising in the emerald water.Unforgettable beaches, caves, lagoons, sailing boats, floating villages.

Countryside Villages

The home land of Vietnamese, place for experiencing country life and home staying. Treasure in the countryside: Handy craft works, traditional art, wooden ancient architects like pagoda and communal houses.

Handy craft villages: Bat Trang, Van Phuc, Phu Lang, Dong Ky, Ha Thai. Ancient villages: Duong Lam, Sai son, Tram Gian, Tay Phuong. Traditional art villages: Quan Ho folksong villages, water puppet villages.

Ninh Binh Province

The plain of amazing lime stone mountain paddy field and the ancient capital of Vietnam – Hoa Lu.

Boat cruise through landscape of limestone mountain rising from rice field and villages or Ha Long on land with stream, caves and farms. Amazing ancient monuments in beautiful nature of rocky mountainous countryside: Dinh Le temple, Bich Dong cave pagoda, The oldest ancient stone cathedral – Phat Diem.

Perfume Pagoda

Where tourist can experience the people and the country spirit.

Following pilgrim on the way to holly Huong pagoda through Yen stream, mountains, and pagoda complexion. Main visiting sites: Huong Tich the holly pagoda in the cave, Thien Tru the main pagoda.

Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong city and Quang Ninh Islands

The islands area along northern sea making an interesting sea adventure and the feeling of islander for tourist.

Familiar destination – Cat Ba a big island with beaches, national park, villages is belong to Hai Phong port city, the third biggest city in Vietnam which contain many colonism buildings. The untouched areas, Bai Tu Long Bay, further from Ha Long Bay with beautiful beaches, inhabitant islands, national park.

Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh Provinces

The land of great mans and Ho Chi Minh home land and the begining of Legendary Ho Chi Minh trails.

Thanh Hoa the home land of many Vietnam kings and Thai, Muong people mountain villages. The province with Ma river and Dong Son culture of 4000 years ago. Painteresque landscape Nghe An, Ha Tinh the homeland of president Ho Chi Minh and many Vietnamese famous people. The peaceful rivers, mountains, national forests, beaches.

Map of Red River Delta